Episode 93: Restive Nation. Timmy and Chris founding members of the band talk about their journey so
Episode 92: Horrenda. Darragh, Aaron and Mark talk about their brilliant new release Díoltas. An alb
Episode 91: Conjuring Fate's guitarist Karl Gibson talks about an interesting year for his band
Episode 90: Acid Reign's Howard 'H' Smith has been a hero of mine ever since his band hit Cork many
Episode 89: Join myself and Howard as we catch up with Owen from Leeds based sextet HYOM. The band a
Episode 88: Arjunas Eye. Sean (Vox) and Conor (Guitars) give us an insight into what has been happen
Episode 87: The Metal Cell Forums VIII - Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Jack for banter and chat ab
Episode 86: Svet Kant's Santiago (Vox/Guitar) and Darragh (Drums) share their insights into the maki
Episode 85: Greg and Cathal of Parhelia. Formed in 2006 with current members Greg Clarke (Guitars, K
Episode 84: Howard (guitarist/shouts) of The Magnapinna talks about their new E.P Squid Sandwich and
Episode 83: Strangers With Guns: Jeff (vox/guitars) & Ricky (bass) talk with myself and Danielle fro
Episode 82: Metal has no Borders: Chris McEwan vocalist/bassist with Hidden Intent from Adelaide, Au
Episode 81: The Metal Cell Forums Vll. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Jack for banter and chat abou
Episode 80: Drought: Guitarist's Dave and Gearoid of Drought discuss their band with influences from
Episode 79: Metal has no borders: Sintax from Jerusalem, Israel
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Episode 3: Grumpster. Falyn, Noel and Lalo talk about their adventures so far which has seen them si
Episode 2: Terzij de Horde. Johan Van Hattum (bassist) talks about his band, tours and Roadburn fest
Episode 1: Metal For Nepal. Flower KC (Manager of Underside/Festival Director) and Avishek KC (Vox o
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