Episode 118: Corr Mona. Paul & Stephen Quinn, Rob & Martin Farrow are brothers that form the uniquel
Episode 117: Nomadic Rituals - Myself and Danielle were delighted to welcome Nomadic Rituals, Craig
Episode 116: Dead Labels guitarist Mick Hynes drops in to have a chat about their new upcoming EP "A
Episode 115: Anto (Riffs) Mccaughley & Duane (Vox) Watson Of Sinocence
Episode 114: The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Irish M
Episode 113: Lugosi featuring Alan (guitarist) and Rim (bassist) of the rock horror loving band disc
Episode 112: Bob Ryan (drummer of Slave Zero/Nearly Dead Jim), Ben Keating (vox/guitarist of Chemica
Episode 111: Slung from a Tree
Episode 110: Dread Sovereign. Bones Holohan (Guitarist) talks about the band and their new release '
Episode 109: The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan and Joe as we talk about the Irish M
Episode 108: Grave Sermon: Dave Hynes (Vocals) & Jason Connelly (Drums)
Episode 107: Rodger Boyle; musician & owner of Cursed Monk Records, talks about the journey he under
Episode 106: Soothsayer. Con Doyle talks about "Echoes of the Earth" which is due for release on the
Episode 105: The Metal Cell Forums. Join myself, Danielle, Evan, Jack and our special guest Andy Cla
Episode 104: Corrupt Moral Altar. John Cooke (Guitars) and Tom Dring (Drums) discuss the release of
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Episode 5: Fleetburner: Kevin Storm (guitarist) & Ken Simerly (vocalist) discuss their brilliant deb
Episode 4: Jason Stallworth. Jason is an independent musician, a published author, a YouTuber in whi
Episode 3: Grumpster. Falyn, Noel and Lalo talk about their adventures so far which has seen them si
Episode 2: Terzij de Horde. Johan Van Hattum (bassist) talks about his band, tours and Roadburn fest
Episode 1: Metal For Nepal. Flower KC (Manager of Underside/Festival Director) and Avishek KC (Vox o
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